New Year, New Website, New Projects

It just seemed right after three years to update our website. So we now have a new look and we plan to expand several of the pages in the future. It also seemed appropriate to change how we communicate with our clients (that’s the best word we could find to describe those who come out and use the range). Facebook does not provide the feedback the way a blog does so we are going to try a blog.

This past year saw some major improvements to the range, thanks to several grants and some local organizations/groups providing substantial donations.  We were able to make the range more handicapped accessible, put in a regulation trap range, Finally got the new blue sky barrier installed, put up a new maintenance shed and still had about 200 more supervising hours that last year.

In 2019, we hope to continue improving the range, emphasizing on accessibility. The 300-yard firing point needs our attention in that respect and we are looking at a fairly involved landscaping project which should positively affect ADA access to the new trap range.  Another project on the agenda is running water. We are hoping to start looking for funding to pay for a well and several drinking /hand-washing stations.

Just to be clear, the Menomonie rifle and pistol club, LLC and the Menomonie Public Shooting range are totally separate. And all donations to the range are used for the range. The Range is a county park, open to the public. The club is just that a rifle and pistol club. The needs, wants, and desires of both came together several years ago when the county was looking for a group to supervise and maintain the range and the club was looking for some way to promote shooting sports locally.  Thus, a partnership was born. There is more on this on our home page.

We will be posting items of interest for hunters, outdoor people, conservationists, and shooters as well as updates on the range and club.

Safe journeys throughout the new year.